Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hopefully not a career move

Tinsley is trying to figure out this whole pulling up thing. She tries it, successfully and unsuccessfully, on pretty much everything around. After dinner on Sunday she tried it on the leg of the card table...

This better be the only pole this little girl dances on. Just had to laugh. Although she really has the look down in the second one. I guess we will have to talk to her about that.

Monday, August 9, 2010

First Day of School, first day of school...

Said like Nemo says it to his Dad in "Finding Nemo". Meredith burst into the bathroom at 6:45 this morning saying this. And that was the most excited she was all day about school. Yes, it is just pre-school (K3), but it is a new school, only half-day, and she will get unloaded from the car by staff. So definitely some changes. She couldn't decide what to wear and then couldn't pick her shoes, is she a girl or what? I could not take Meredith this morning as I had to be at our campus breakfast, so I enjoyed breakfast with my little lady and took the first picture.

Walking up to school, all by herself.

At open house she discovered the kitchen and went right to playing in it. Seems she did that today as well.

Sitting in her seat. Bill left soon after this picture and Meredith was not happy about it. She didn't have the greatest of first days. She had an accident (which is what I expected as she is STILL not potty-trained, need a guru for that) and she bit a girl. For taking a car. That wasn't hers in the first place. We repeated "we do not hit, we do not push, we do not bite" tonight while getting ready for bed. And when she got home this afternoon she decided to have a crayon for snack. She must have picked this up from one of the other kids because she had never tried to put a crayon in her mouth before today.
Hopefully things will get better. Tomorrow is the big drop-off day, so we will see what she does when someone else gets her out of the car.