Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Two Cents

Can you tell I haven't had time to blog lately? I have diarrhea of the mouth. So I wanted to share something with you that we learned since Bill had this accident. If your car is totaled or someone hits you going over 35mph then insurance companies will replace your car seat because they do not want the liability if something happened again. Once we got the word that Bill's car had been totaled we were working with the insurance company about what to do for replacement. Basically our company (USAA) will reimburse you for up to $100 to replace your car seat. This works fine for us since we have a mid-priced Graco seat, but this gives me even more of a reason to share with mothers not to buy a Britax or other high priced car seat. If you were in an accident and needed a car seat replacement your insurance company would not give you the same one. Don't get me wrong, Britax is a great car seat, but you won't see me paying that kind of money for something and then not get it replaced if something like this were to happen. The man we were working with said the $100 reimbursement was standard with most insurance companies. So save you money for something else. That's just my two cents.

Christmas far

I am counting Friday as the start of Christmas break. It started with Meredith's Christmas party at school. The kids were so cute! Here they are enjoying their goodies. This is one of Meredith's many boyfriends, Asher. He is a cutie and a sweetie. They will be moving up to the next room together after the new year.
On Saturday we went o go look at a Chevy Equinox to replace Bill's totaled Saturn. Someone at work had it for sale and it was great! We don't really have time to be searching for a car right now, so this worked out perfectly for us (and it was raining on Saturday so who wants to be looking at cars). So we bought it and got everything finalized on Monday. Also on Saturday my mom arrived and we met up for lunch and we have been busy ever since.
Sunday we went to Cleveland to Babyland General. We had a great time and Meredith seemed to like it even though she is a little young. She kept saying her favorite work, baby, while we were there.

After that, we went over to my friend Lenora and Steve's house to visit and then had dinner with some of my family on my mom's side. It was nice to see everyone.
Over the weekend we noticed that Meredith was getting sick so on Monday morning we went to the doctor and got some medicine. She seems to be doing a little better now, at least her appetite is coming back some. Also on Monday we met my Aunt Sharon for lunch so she could visit with us.
Yesterday we went to lunch with my godparents at the Cheesecake factory, yummy! Always fun to see them. For dinner Bill and I met up with some of my friends from high school.
Like I said we have been super busy but that is what I expected. We don't go anywhere on Christmas day so we have to get the visits in now. I am enjoying sitting here writing this blog while still in my pjs. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!

Mommy's Little Helper

Here is Meredith's new "thing." She loves the dishwasher. We just let her in there because she can open the door herself and if we lock it, she just turns it on. It is easier this way.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Our Little Tiger

So this is a little late in the season but...

Turn up the volume so you can hear Meredith.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Without Further Adieu

I hate that it has taken so long for me to post any sort of updates, but I wanted pictures and I was not able to load them until this morning. We have been gearing up for the holidays and I am really excited as usual.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and we came home to start on Christmas. We got everything except the outside decorated the weekend after Thanksgiving.

The first weekend of December was Bill's office brunch for the entire firm. Last year we decided to start a family tradition of going to the GA Aquarium the day of this party since we would already be down there. We continued this tradition and had a wonderful time. We even got to go the Titanic exhibit which was amazing! After the aquarium we went to the party and ate good food.

They always have Santa at the party and he is amazing but Meredith did not like Santa Claus. The picture below is terrible but at least she isn't crying! We even tried to go back later to see if she would be better, but she grabbed on to me tightly whenever Santa approached. maybe next year.

Last Tuesday Meredith received her braces for her legs. She is doing really well with them and had finally worked up to wearing them all day. She had physical therapy today and she took 4 steps with the therapist! I was crying while watching her on the internet viewer. This is major for her. I am not so concerned with the walking, I just want her to stand up unassisted.

She will get moved up to the next room at the Daycare after the first of the year. While she may still not be walking yet, I think this move will push her along. She will be with her little boyfriends as well. Here are some pictures of her braces.

A new post will be forthcoming tonight with all kinds of updates and pictures.

Friday, December 5, 2008

The new face of Coke

Meredith took Bill's coke tonight and tried a little. She made funny faces but then squealed in delight. Maybe we should turn this in to Coke and make some money.