Sunday, June 29, 2008

We Arrived

We arrived safe and sound in AZ about 8pm (local time) last night. Meredith did awesome on the plane. She finally went to sleep with about an hour and half left of the flight, which was fine with us since we didn't want her to wake us up at 4am. She woke up when we put her in the stroller and was wide awake and excited all the way to Mark and Rileen's. I thought, this is great she is going to sleep, maybe she will stay down until 6am. Well, the talking clock in our room went off at 5am and woke her up and she was ready to go. Oh, well!

We will probably spend the day relaxing today and after that I am sure Mark will have us running up and down the road.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Improving Everyday

Bill took Meredith to her therapy session on Wednesday. Meredith did really awesome! She can now go from the crawling to sitting position and even demonstrated that she can crawl when she puts her mind to it, even though she mainly just scoots around. Susan said that she can tell that Meredith is really trying to do what she is teaching her. To help her with isolating movements in her body parts we are supposed to always sit her down and turn one leg in and when we pick her up we should hold a leg up in one hand. It is amazing to me how much she has improved in such a little amount of time. My mom says that she will have her walking when she comes up for her birthday. But I told her she would be walking next week, scratch that, running... away from our friend Mark who we will be visiting in AZ. We are so excited about this trip. I am sure I will be able to blog, but pictures will probably have to wait until we return.

Time to pack!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wordless Wednesday- Buddies

This is Meredith and her friend Asher. They are big buddies at school. He is one month younger than Meredith and is a lot bigger.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I haven't forgotten about the blog...

Well I sucked at blogging this week. We have been busy with the little things. Meredith had her first real therapy session on Wednesday and things went well. Part of the process is that she has to get used to the way that Susan handles her. She is making more attempts to crawl and will do so in small doses when helped. We are getting more things ready for baby-proofing. On Thursday we found out that we were going to be losing Bill's Skymiles at the end of September so we made a mad dash to see where we could go. A vacation was not really in our forecast this year since we are trying to save money, but we can't let these go to waste. We started listing places where we have family or friends that we could stay, but it had to be fast since we had already taken the week of July 4th off, we wanted to incorporate the trip into that. So we are headed to Phoenix and to 110 degree weather (or hotter), but we are staying with our amazing friends Mark and Rileen.

We haven't seen them since our wedding, hence they only know Meredith via pictures. I haven't been this excited about a trip in a long time. I always have so much fun with them. Bill has only made stopovers in AZ so he is excited to finally get to see some sites. We leave on Saturday and will return on July 4th. I think Meredith will do great on the ride out as it is at night, but I am sure she will be getting us up nice and early. I am now going to start making a list of the multitude of things we need to take with us. Luckily Rileen is arranging for a highchair and bed for Meredith, which are huge on the list. Happy Weekend!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

We have spent the day doing what Bill wants to do, which is play video games. He loves to play and doesn't get to often. He doesn't even want me to cook tonight, he wants Mellow Mushroom pizza. Hey, wait a minute, does he not like my cooking? Thank goodness I asked him in advance what he wanted for dinner earlier in the week so I could appropriately plan my points.

Here is video of Meredith moving from sitting to crawling position. Can you tell that Daddy dressed her this morning?!

From Meredith:
I have the best Daddy in the whole world!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Another Milestone...Sort of

Friday I met to finalize all of the paperwork for enrolling Meredith in Babies Can't Wait. The physical therapist, Susan, was there and she worked with Meredith some more and of course gave me some tips. She mainly showed me how to bend Meredith's legs while she sits so that she is more capable of getting into a crawling position later and she also gave us tips to help her crawl. Well today while I was working orientation little miss Meredith decided to show off and went from her sitting position into the crawling position. Of course I was filled with mixed emotions because I was proud of her, but sad I wasn't there. Luckily though when I arrived home she did it for me twice. She begins her real therapy on Wednesday and will have it weekly. We are so thankful for this program.

She also gained another pound and is up to 18!

And on a personal note from me, I have the best co-workers! They have all asked how Weight Watchers is going and are very encouraging and not sabotaging. It is so nice to be around such supportive people. It makes leaving my besties at NGCSU a little more bearable.

I am going to try to get a little video footage of Meredith and her new skill tomorrow. For now, off to bake a cake for my fantastic husband!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

But I'm the Baby...

This is Norton. He was the baby before Meredith. Do you think someone is a little jealous?!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm a Weight Watcher

So, I started Weight Watchers today and went to my first meeting. It was really good. I have done WW before but only online of by myself. This didn't work so well for me because I need to be held accountable to something other than a computer or myself. I am just sick of being this weight. It is crazy that I am within 5lbs of where I was before pregnancy but I am two sizes bigger. Maybe it is because I had a c-section, I don't know. Anyway, here we go.

Also, I am going to copy a few friends of mine and have a Wordless Wednesday posting of only pictures. Look back tomorrow.