Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tag, I'm It

My work buddy and BFF Amanda awarded me. I figured I might as well accept the award and confess my addictions as well.

Here are the rules to receiving this award:
1. You have to pass it on to 5 other fabulous bloggers in a post.
2. You have to list 5 of your fabulous addictions in the post.
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1. Facebook- You can keep up with so many people that way. I had lunch with some girlfriends from high school that I haven't seen in forever and while a learned a few new things, I knew a lot about them from facebook.

2. DVR- who has time to watch live TV? Not a mom and I am spoiled with no commercials.

3. Reading- I don't have a lot of time but I love to read and try to everyday, hopefully Meredith will catch this.

4. Meredith's Laugh- I love to hear her laugh (and any kid for that matter). Last week during therapy she pushed around a chair and was laughing the whole time (including when she mowed over the other kids, maybe we should be concerned about that).

5. Weight Watchers- living this way has really helped me and my family, I am down 30.2lbs as of weigh in yesterday!

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Today is our 2nd Wedding Anniversary. Some days it feels like we have been married forever and others it feels like it was just yesterday. I can't believe how far we have come in two years and can't wait for many more years to come. So, what did we do to celebrate you ask? Well I am going to tell you, even if you didn't want to know. One of my great students came to babysit and Bill and I went to McCormick & Schmicks for dinner followed by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert. It was amazing, the show that is, dinner was a little overrated, but good. If you like seafood in the Atlanta area, Atlantic Seafood Company in Alpharetta is much better.

I cannot believe we have a beautiful daughter and wonderful family and friends and couldn't ask for a whole lot more. I love you Bill! Thank you for sharing your life with me. Here are some of my favrite pictures from our wedding day.

When it rains, it pours

Do you ever feel like when one bad thing happens to you a lot of bad things seem to come at once? I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason and while it may suck, we will survive. That is my feeling right now. I am so excited for the Holidays and spending time with family and friends, but we have a few mood dampeners lately.

I took my car in last week and had the 90,000 mile service and other various things that needed to be done at that time. Well most of a paycheck later my car is up to speed. As hard as it was to hand over that money I know it was for our good because the car should last a long time if it is taken care of and that is what we are banking on. It just hurts at the holidays because we will now have to curb some things.

On Friday we made the decision that Meredith will be fitted for braces for her legs. We had been talking to her therapist a lot this past week about moving Meredith up to the next room in daycare to hopefully help push her a long in the standing and walking department and the other developmental areas that she is missing out on by being in a "baby" room. After much discussion and thinking we decided to do the braces as they will try to retrain her muscles to work properly when standing and balancing as opposed to moving her straight into a walker. She will be fitted for them tomorrow and hopefully will have them before Christmas. Also she should be moved up to the next class as soon as she gets them.

Then on Saturday Bill dropped me off in Buford to have lunch with some friends while he and Meredith ran some errands and he was rear-ended. Meredith and Bill are fine, the car is not. He had to have it towed and got a rental car this morning. We don't even know what the damage is at this point. Thank the Lord Lenora was nice enough and willing enough to cancel her appointment and take us all home. That is why she is my best friend!

So needless to say, now is not the time for us to be playing the lottery. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Swallow Test

Meredith had her swallow test today and she did so good! She drank and ate everything with the nasty barium in it and didn't complain one bit. I am so proud of her. The x-ray showed that everything is going down her throat correctly and the speech therapist at the hospital said to make sure she is getting small bites and many small meals throughout the day. So that is where we are headed. That is all we know for now. She is eating what we give her, she just goes between wanting to feed herself the finger foods and wanting us to feed them to her. I will feed her all she wants at this stage, I am glad she has finally moved to graduates and table food only.

She also has three new words and this happened within the past week. She can now say bye bye, baby, and Mimi (which is Memaw to her). She is almost saying Nani, just working on the "n". I am trying to get some video of it all.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wordy Wednesday

I decided not to write about the election because I just didn't really see the point. People vote for who they want and I know that I won't be able to change their minds. WARNING: I might say something that offends you, but this is my opinion and it may not be yours, you have your right to an opinion as well.

This was a historical year and I knew I had to vote. I don't vote in primaries because I don't align myself with any particular political party. And it is funny to me how my views have changed over the years, especially now that I am married and a mother. When I was in college I was very liberal and probably aligned more with democrats, no I am more conservative on some issues.

I am proud to say that I voted for John McCain. I voted for him because the most important issue to me is the right for life. Life begins at conception, period. While I believe in a woman's right to choose, you shouldn't be able to kill a child because you had unprotected sex. And I certainly don't believe in a partial birth abortion which makes me sick thinking about it. There are thousands (maybe more) of families that would be happy to adopt unwanted children. I have a friend that was blessed to be able to do that and thank the Lord everyday that he was able to give them that gift. The other main reason I voted for McCain is because he supports our military and has military experience. I am of the opinion that our leader should have some form of military experience.

Now, I know a lot of McCain supporters like to say that Obama does not have the experience and likened having him as our President to having a doctor that didn't finish law school. I think this is very unfair, there are no rules out there that say you have to have been a Senator for x amount of time before you can be President. He was qualified to run and that is what matters as well as his views. These are the important things. I don't feel it is important that he is African American, but some people thought that was the most important thing. I know a lot of people voted for him because they believe in his policies, but I know of a lot of people who voted for him because of the color of his skin and that is wrong.

I will end with this, thank God it wasn't Hilary, and while President Elect Obama was not my choice I have to support our country's choice as we are the United States of America.