Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Swallow Test

Meredith had her swallow test today and she did so good! She drank and ate everything with the nasty barium in it and didn't complain one bit. I am so proud of her. The x-ray showed that everything is going down her throat correctly and the speech therapist at the hospital said to make sure she is getting small bites and many small meals throughout the day. So that is where we are headed. That is all we know for now. She is eating what we give her, she just goes between wanting to feed herself the finger foods and wanting us to feed them to her. I will feed her all she wants at this stage, I am glad she has finally moved to graduates and table food only.

She also has three new words and this happened within the past week. She can now say bye bye, baby, and Mimi (which is Memaw to her). She is almost saying Nani, just working on the "n". I am trying to get some video of it all.


Brooke said...

Yea - I am sure that is a load off of you mind!!

Andrea said...

This is great news Stacie. Will continue to pray for Meredith with her other problems with walking and such.