Saturday, April 9, 2011

We are still alive

Yes, we are still here in the land of the living, but we have been super busy. We kicked off the beginning of March with the start of our very first sport, soccer. Here is Meredith ready to go to her very first game/practice. Her age group doesn't play games they are just learning skills.

Her best buddy Aidan is on her team and this may be the only reason she really likes going to soccer each week. I don't have any pictures of it but they went off across a couple of fields on weekend holding hands.
Most of the parents get out there with them to help...I mean have you ever tried to coach 12 3-year olds to do anything? It's very much like herding cats. She is doing pretty good about not touching the ball with her hands, but I am not sure if soccer is going to be her sport or not.
Tinsley enjoys running out on to the various fields as well and is constantly in to something.

I tried selling my bows at two consignment sales in March and killed myself to get them done. Unfortunately I didn't do too great, but at least I tried. When I went to drop a set off we had to go to Gainesville so we decided to try out the kids museum INK (Interactive Neighborhood for Kids). I had heard a lot about it and thought it would be fun. It is basically a little town for kids, with a post office, salon, grocery store, vet, etc.
Tinsley loved the groceries. We had a hard time keeping up with the girls because they both wanted to go to different places.

Meredith doing Tinsley's nails in the salon.
Tinsley milking the cow, the utters really shot out water into the bucket. Meredith hated it and wouldn't go near them.
Gives me a chill just thinking about these two cruising down the road together.
Both girls really like the fire truck.
Overall I think INK is very overrated. They ask that you make sure that you clean up after yourself when you are ready to move on to the next area, which we did, but many others did not. I also felt very dirty when there because many of the items are not taken care of. I am glad we got to go on a day when admission was cheaper than normal, but I have no intentions of going back there for a long time.
Tinsley discovered the art of eating whole apples and loves it. She will come swipe an apple out of your hand if she sees it. She is definitley a little mooch.
St. Patty's day was celebrated at Meredith's school, so I got the girls dressed in their green.

April hasn't brought much yet, except for our Saturday morning routine of soccer. Meredith has spring break the week before Easter and is going to visit her Mimi (by herself no less, well after Bill and Tinsley leave). I will try not to be so delinquent.