Friday, June 25, 2010

One more message from Meredith

Happy Birthday Aunt Sharon

I'm Not Sleepy

Meredith's new phrase is "I'm not sleepy", said in a whiny voice. Here has what has happened the last two Sundays when she wouldn't take a nap, stating "I'm not sleepy." She crashed in the late afternoon/early evening.

No, she's not tired at all! She feel asleep at the dinner table. On a side note, yes Meredith has clothes but she likes to leave them off when we change her, so hence the naked look.

Monday, June 21, 2010

A change of direction

I have been writing this post in my mind for about 5 weeks now, but I haven't been able to type it. It is still hard to swallow and we have been busy so I just put it off.

Bill lost his job in May and of course our lives have changed. In the past 5 weeks he has become Mr. Mom and started the job search process, which he hasn't done in over 20 years. He has had to start a resume pretty much from scratch, but luckily he has had some help from an outplacement service that his former employer set him up with.

We are trying to stay positive about this. Hopefully he will find something closer to home as the night before we found out this news we were talking about how hard his days are because of the commute.

I feel that God began to prepare us for this life change because we started the Dave Ramsey program and I have been blessed with getting back in touch with a college friend who is a financial counselor with Dave Ramsey and he graciously helped us with some questions. Thanks Big Apple!

Had this happened 3 months ago I would have been a wreck, but we are in a better place. I have an unusual calm about this and we are very much learning to live within our means even more.

As for Bill, he enjoys his time with the girls and I believe they like it to. We are trying to get into a better routine. He doesn't know where he will take his new career path, but please pass along any jobs you hear of and keep us in your prayers.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Tinsley's 1st Haircut

Well, at 9 mo. we had to get Tinsley's hair cut. This child's hair is wild! So today we took her to Pigtails and Crewcuts and had the job done. The ladies were great there and while they were a little pricey for a kids cut that took 10 minutes, it was a good experience.

I think she likes it.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wordless Wednesday- Chuckie Face

Tinsley always makes this face and I call it the "Chuckie" face, as in the scary doll movie.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mickey's House

We had a great trip to Disney World and cannot wait to go back. I cannot tell you how much fun Meredith had, she seems the perfect age to see the characters. We didn't meet all her favs so I guess we will have to make it back soon. In my opinion if you are traveling to Disney and your kid(s) want to meet characters, do it at all the other parks before Magic Kingdom, the lines were much better and therefore more characters met. However, Magin Kingdom is the place for Princesses, but Meredith wanted more Mickey and friends. Enjoy!
Now the fun begins, meeting the characters.

Minnie! She couldn't wait to show Minnie her bow.

I love how Goofy swallows her.

Chip and Dale! You can see the excitement even from behind.

Meredith's first ride.

In the baby pool at the resort.

Tinsley loved the pool.

Mickey's House


She asked Belle where Beast was.


Cindarella's Castle



Petting Pluto

She wants more!!!

Dancing with Pluto

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sneak Peek of Disney

I will post more pics soon, but here is a little preview of our Disney trip...

A day at the beach

We were on vacation last week and it was amazing! We went to my mom's first then on to Disney, then back to mom's. We went to the beach on Sunday and the girls had a lot of fun.