Monday, June 21, 2010

A change of direction

I have been writing this post in my mind for about 5 weeks now, but I haven't been able to type it. It is still hard to swallow and we have been busy so I just put it off.

Bill lost his job in May and of course our lives have changed. In the past 5 weeks he has become Mr. Mom and started the job search process, which he hasn't done in over 20 years. He has had to start a resume pretty much from scratch, but luckily he has had some help from an outplacement service that his former employer set him up with.

We are trying to stay positive about this. Hopefully he will find something closer to home as the night before we found out this news we were talking about how hard his days are because of the commute.

I feel that God began to prepare us for this life change because we started the Dave Ramsey program and I have been blessed with getting back in touch with a college friend who is a financial counselor with Dave Ramsey and he graciously helped us with some questions. Thanks Big Apple!

Had this happened 3 months ago I would have been a wreck, but we are in a better place. I have an unusual calm about this and we are very much learning to live within our means even more.

As for Bill, he enjoys his time with the girls and I believe they like it to. We are trying to get into a better routine. He doesn't know where he will take his new career path, but please pass along any jobs you hear of and keep us in your prayers.


Doc said...

It is so good of you to share this with others (and others who care about you, BTW). So many people are feeling vulnerable right now and this post will resonate with them and does with *all* of us, actually. It's gratifying to see someone rise to a challenge with such grace.

Cecilia said...

I'm sorry, it sounds like y'all are handling it well though. What area are y'all in? My parents are in Gwinnett and sometimes their church has a job fair/networking thing (I assume for the surrounding areas). Shoot me an email if this is close to you and I'll ask my mom about it.