Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mickey's House

We had a great trip to Disney World and cannot wait to go back. I cannot tell you how much fun Meredith had, she seems the perfect age to see the characters. We didn't meet all her favs so I guess we will have to make it back soon. In my opinion if you are traveling to Disney and your kid(s) want to meet characters, do it at all the other parks before Magic Kingdom, the lines were much better and therefore more characters met. However, Magin Kingdom is the place for Princesses, but Meredith wanted more Mickey and friends. Enjoy!
Now the fun begins, meeting the characters.

Minnie! She couldn't wait to show Minnie her bow.

I love how Goofy swallows her.

Chip and Dale! You can see the excitement even from behind.

Meredith's first ride.

In the baby pool at the resort.

Tinsley loved the pool.

Mickey's House


She asked Belle where Beast was.


Cindarella's Castle



Petting Pluto

She wants more!!!

Dancing with Pluto

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