Saturday, June 14, 2008

Another Milestone...Sort of

Friday I met to finalize all of the paperwork for enrolling Meredith in Babies Can't Wait. The physical therapist, Susan, was there and she worked with Meredith some more and of course gave me some tips. She mainly showed me how to bend Meredith's legs while she sits so that she is more capable of getting into a crawling position later and she also gave us tips to help her crawl. Well today while I was working orientation little miss Meredith decided to show off and went from her sitting position into the crawling position. Of course I was filled with mixed emotions because I was proud of her, but sad I wasn't there. Luckily though when I arrived home she did it for me twice. She begins her real therapy on Wednesday and will have it weekly. We are so thankful for this program.

She also gained another pound and is up to 18!

And on a personal note from me, I have the best co-workers! They have all asked how Weight Watchers is going and are very encouraging and not sabotaging. It is so nice to be around such supportive people. It makes leaving my besties at NGCSU a little more bearable.

I am going to try to get a little video footage of Meredith and her new skill tomorrow. For now, off to bake a cake for my fantastic husband!

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