Friday, June 27, 2008

Improving Everyday

Bill took Meredith to her therapy session on Wednesday. Meredith did really awesome! She can now go from the crawling to sitting position and even demonstrated that she can crawl when she puts her mind to it, even though she mainly just scoots around. Susan said that she can tell that Meredith is really trying to do what she is teaching her. To help her with isolating movements in her body parts we are supposed to always sit her down and turn one leg in and when we pick her up we should hold a leg up in one hand. It is amazing to me how much she has improved in such a little amount of time. My mom says that she will have her walking when she comes up for her birthday. But I told her she would be walking next week, scratch that, running... away from our friend Mark who we will be visiting in AZ. We are so excited about this trip. I am sure I will be able to blog, but pictures will probably have to wait until we return.

Time to pack!

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