Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas far

I am counting Friday as the start of Christmas break. It started with Meredith's Christmas party at school. The kids were so cute! Here they are enjoying their goodies. This is one of Meredith's many boyfriends, Asher. He is a cutie and a sweetie. They will be moving up to the next room together after the new year.
On Saturday we went o go look at a Chevy Equinox to replace Bill's totaled Saturn. Someone at work had it for sale and it was great! We don't really have time to be searching for a car right now, so this worked out perfectly for us (and it was raining on Saturday so who wants to be looking at cars). So we bought it and got everything finalized on Monday. Also on Saturday my mom arrived and we met up for lunch and we have been busy ever since.
Sunday we went to Cleveland to Babyland General. We had a great time and Meredith seemed to like it even though she is a little young. She kept saying her favorite work, baby, while we were there.

After that, we went over to my friend Lenora and Steve's house to visit and then had dinner with some of my family on my mom's side. It was nice to see everyone.
Over the weekend we noticed that Meredith was getting sick so on Monday morning we went to the doctor and got some medicine. She seems to be doing a little better now, at least her appetite is coming back some. Also on Monday we met my Aunt Sharon for lunch so she could visit with us.
Yesterday we went to lunch with my godparents at the Cheesecake factory, yummy! Always fun to see them. For dinner Bill and I met up with some of my friends from high school.
Like I said we have been super busy but that is what I expected. We don't go anywhere on Christmas day so we have to get the visits in now. I am enjoying sitting here writing this blog while still in my pjs. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!

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