Saturday, August 9, 2008

Baby Changing Stations

I said a long time ago that I should keep a log of baby friendly places, especially those that have spaces for breastfeeding mothers. I had a very difficult time when breastfeeding Meredith out in public. Of course after about 4 months you get to where you just don't care who sees your boobs. But anyway, I digress., I am going to start blogging about places that are baby friendly and more importantly those that are not. I am blogging from the Saturn of Gwinnett waiting area as we get Bill's oil changed. We have not been here for an hour and have changed Meredith twice. But this place is baby and kid friendly. Each restroom has a station in it and they have a play room for kids. Thank you Saturn of Gwinnett!

Now some places that I can remember that are not baby friendly, Fatz Cafe in Winder, GA. They say they are a family restaurant but have no changing stations! I changed Meredith on the table. For those of you who know me, know that if you piss me off I do things like that. Yes, we had finished eating dinner and we getting ready to leave. That is the only one that is jumping out at me right now, but I will blog as the arise.

Another friendly place is the Chick-Fil-A on Epps Bridge Rd in Athens. They give you free cheerios!

Please feel free to let me know places you love and hate so we can let all the moms know out there, I don't care where you live.

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