Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Finally the Floors

Ok, as you know we spent the weekend putting in Pergo flooring. Our wonderful brother-in-law Mark came to help. Really he is the brains behind the operation and we probably wouldn't have been able to do it without him! We started the project over a week ago with my dad helping us pull up the carpet. This is how we lived for a week...

Nice concrete floor living. I know you are jealous.

Every man's dream, a couch in the kitchen!

The hallway before paint and floors. It was really hard to come home and kick off your work shoes only to put on other shoes for the house.

Our little helper, she is so glad to be out of the cage.

Probably calling DFACS to save her.
And now the (almost) finished product. We still need to do the closets, quarter round, and other finishing work, but we are pretty much back to normal.

I realize that we don't have any of the living room and that is because we are still working on getting it back together. Hopefully this will get done by Sunday.


Lindsey said...

That looks great! What a difference it makes. I so want to do the floors upstairs...I'm just waiting on the "go ahead." Which, let's just say I'm not holding my breath. That picture of Meredith is my favorite!

Suzanna said...

They look really good! Funny about Meredith calling DFACS!

Cecilia said...

They look great! I hear ya about the concrete floors, we did the same thing in our house and lived with the concrete for about a month. It's worth it in the end though when you get to enjoy the finished product!