Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Update on Baby Rowley 2

We returned from our vacation on Saturday and I have tons to share but I have not had the time to get my thoughts and pictures together on the same computer. So you will have to wait a little longer on that one.

Monday I went to the doctor for a pre-natal check-up. We are 13 weeks along now. I only gained 3 lbs., so I was excited about that. The nurse couldn't find the baby's heartbeat, but she said it was because of she couldn't find her good Doppler, so Dr. Connor brought in the ultrasound machine. Well the nurse couldn't find the baby's heartbeat because the baby is high up just under my ribs on my right side. Dr. Connor said everything looked fine, but he wanted the ultrasound tech to do an ultrasound just to be safe. Everything looked good on that ultrasound too, nothing was causing the baby to be in that position, so there was no need to worry. Hopefully the baby will move lower because I am in pain just thinking about how uncomfortable it will be if it is there the whole time. My next appointment is on April 14 and we are scheduled to have another ultrasound where we can find out the sex of the baby, if we choose to. Bill and I are still discussing whether to or not.


Anonymous said...

Hi Stacie, Bill, Meredith and Baby Rowley, I'm glad you had a good trip to FL to see Grandmom!!!! Will be anxious to hear if you'll reveal if Meredith will have a new baby brother or sister OR if you'll make us all wait to know!!!
Take Care. Love, Gayle

Cecilia said...

Good appointments always make me feel better. Glad ya'll had fun in Florida!