Thursday, October 8, 2009

Home Alone

I am adjusting to life as a mother of two, which isn't so bad, except it is hard taking them out right now. I have managed to go to the grocery store twice, but that is it. My fear is that if we go to the park I won't be able to play with Meredith and if we go to the library, Tinsley will break down. All this wouldn't be so bad if it would just stop raining. All the wet has kept Meredith inside a lot, which I hate. So here are a few pictures from this week. Meredith helped me make a cake. She liked the batter, but won't eat the cake, which cracks me up.

That evening we needed to bathe the girls so we started with Tinsley and it became a family affair. Meredith helped keep her warm by pouring water on her and Norton was there for moral support and to drink up any water he could.
I can't reiterate enough how good Meredith is at being a big sister. All she wants to do is help and she has only had a few tantrums when I can't get to her when I am feeding Tinsley. I hope this continues!

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