Saturday, January 1, 2011

Tinsley's New Year's Resolution

While we are still working on our resolutions, Tinsley is already trying to work on hers. Her resolution is to walk. She still isn't walking, but she is making big milestones. She can now stand up by herself. I have been wanting her to walk so bad, but I am regretting this desire. She has a passion for going everywhere and loves to climb. This weekend we are going to buy some of the drawer locks because she gets into them all. I hope you all have a blessed New Year.


Anonymous said...

Cute picture.... Tinsley will be walking all over the place before you know it!!!!Happy New Year!

Gayle Yeager

Doc said...

AWWWW Stacie!!!!! love it, love it.

The Knights said...

That is the most precious thing ever!!!! She is so adorable! She will be before you know it, but I know you already know that.