Monday, October 31, 2011


Here are some picture from this month. We went to Washington Farms a few weeks back to get our pumpkins. This is an annual tradition now.

This past Saturday we went to Fernbank to trick or treat and while it was pretty much a bust on candy, we did get this great picture. My advice to all my friends out there is not to go to this event. Way too many people (which wasn't the case when we went to the dinosaur birthday in August) and they barely had any candy. Thank goodness we are members and didn't have to pay to go.
Our little octopus.
Buddy from Dinosaur Train
They were both so excited about going trick or treating. Especially Tinsly, she kept saying candy over and over.
And tomorrow this family of four will become five.

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sweetpea said...

precious costumes! We will be thinking of you this week! Looking forward to pictures!