Monday, September 1, 2008

A Little Creepy

Yesterday we went to my Aunt Sharon's house for a Labor Day get together. To get there from our house you have to go through a little town named Hoschton (pronounced like Shooston without the S). Normally this is a very cute town, but not now. When last my mom was here we went through the town to go to the outlet mall and noticed a lot of scarecrows. We had no camera to take pictures but it was all we could talk about, the scary scarecrows. I thought it was creepy.

Well they have taken the creepy to a whole new level. The town is trying to get into the Guisness Book of World Records with 4000 scarecrows. I am not sure how many they have now, but here is a sample of what you will see.

You should go see the creepy for yourself!
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Suzanna said...

Those are funny.

Thanks for noticing we've been on a blogcation (hahaha)'s Mer?