Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter 2009

Our Easter began with Meredith's school party on Friday. She was so excited her Mimi was there she wouldn't sit down to eat.

Aidan giving Meredith some love.

After their snacks, all the kids went outside for an Easter egg hunt. I wasn't sure what Meredith would think but she jumped right in and picked up about 4 eggs.
She was even willing to give them to Ms. Margaret so everyone could share them later.

The Easter bunny visited us and brought Meredith a little candy (we are discovering she really isn't a sweets girl), a book, Ms. Potato Head, and bubbles. Bubbles happen to be a favorite in our house right now. We have to spell it if we don't want her to bug us to do them.

On Sunday afternoon, she went out in our yard for her own personal Easter egg hunt. She was so cute in her little dress and Crocs. Enjoy the rest of the pictures. We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

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Lindsey said...

I agree, she's so darling in her dress and crocs. Her hair has really grown, too! She's gorgeous, Stacie.