Monday, April 27, 2009

Sick girl

But she is better. One week ago Meredith threw up in the evening and it was all down hill from there. I took her to school on Tuesday because she didn't have a fever and I had to go to work, but I expected a phone call to come get her. Sure enough, the fever came on after nap as well as more throw up. A visit to the doctor later, she was diagnosed with an ear infection AND strep throat. Yes, I know I am getting mother-of-the-year award. So she was out the remainder of the week getting better, mainly because we couldn't get her to stop throwing up. Come to find out the mucous from the strep was causing her to get sick, even though she was doing great otherwise at that point. Bill talked to the doctor on Friday and she instructed us to use her nebulizer with saline nasal drops in it to clear her out and it worked wonders.

She was very happy to be back at school today, she loves her friends.

On a side note, please pray for my friend Michelle and her daughter Aubrey. Aubrey has a rare form of cancer and has been undergoing treatment. Tomorrow she is having surgery to see whether or not the chemo has worked well enought to resect the portion of her liver with cancer or whether she has to have a tansplant. Aubrey is only 13 months old, but she has proven to be a fighter!

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