Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Like Riding a Bike

When I had lunch a couple weeks ago with my friend Lindsey she told me not to worry about forgetting how to take care of a baby, you don't. She was right and things have been going really well. We went to the pediatrician yesterday and Tinsley looks great. When we left the hospital on Saturday she weighed 7lbs., 15oz. and yesterday she weighed 8lbs., 1.5oz., so she is gaining her weight back. Things are even starting to go better with her nursing habits.
Meredith is doing well. We don't have any issues with her that we haven't had already. She loves looking at Tinsley and giving her kisses every now and then, but otherwise she isn't really interested. She also hasn't freaked out that I can't hold her, she almost seems to understand (could be imagining this).

Here are some new pictures...
Meredith meets baby sister

Not so sure about this baby thing, will she always cry?

Give baby sister a kiss.


Everything Esh said...
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Everything Esh said...

I cannot believe how old Meredith looks in these pictures! What beautiful girls you have, Stacie and Bill. Congrats!

Dennis said...

Wow. What a beauty. What a blessing.

I had heard that Meredith had some hair going on since this summer. She is a cuty!

Christ's Love and Peace to the whole family.

The Knights said...

After everything gets settled with the babies, yall should definitely come over! I can't promise cows during the day, but usually they are around at dinner, so maybe yall can come for dinner or something?