Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bottle Blues

As some of you may know (since I have posted it on Facebook), we cannot get Tinsley to take a bottle. Originally we were going to wait until the end of October to even try to give her one, but then I read somewhere that you shouldn't wait any longer than 5 weeks old to introduce a bottle or your child might refuse it. I read this when Tinsley was 4 weeks old so we gave her a bottle the next week and she didn't give us too much of a problem. Then the night we bought our new car Bill gave her another bottle and she sucked it right down. After that the following week I met a friend for dinner and when I returned a phone call from Bill, discovered Tinsley screaming her head off and poor Bill had been trying to feed her for almost an hour.

Fast forward to today, 4 nipple types later and we still are unsuccessful. This was never a problem with Meredith. Now, granted Meredith had to be supplemented with formula the first week of her life, but she had no problems going back and forth from breast to bottle. My sweet, darling husband tries every day to give her a bottle and she screams her head off, occasionally sucking a little bit, but nothing more.

We have Avent bottles as that is what we used with Meredith. We used an orthodontic nipple from the hospital, but she gags because it is so small. I bought a Soothie bottle from Walmart on Friday because on the few times Tinsley takes a paci, that is the one she takes. She wouldn't take that bottle either. We even tried putting the paci in her mouth then switching and that didn't work. Yesterday I bought one of the expensive Adiri bottles and she wouldn't use that one either.

None of this would be a problem except for the BIG problem, I have to go back to work on December 7, just 4 weeks away. Luckily she will be home with Daddy the first week, but she still needs this skill. I can't be that mom that drops her breastfed kid off at daycare knowing they won't take a bottle.

So I am taking advice, any and all of it out there, to try to get her to take a bottle. We don't really want to buy any more, but I think we are willing to possibly try one more brand. Let me know you thoughts. Should we just suck it up and let her cry in hunger until she takes it?

This momma needs a break!


Tara said...

Hey. I read you blog occasionally from Lindey Oliver's. I had the same problem with my little boy when he was a baby. We ended up having to cold turkey him and he went until about 5:00pm in that day before he finally gave in. He is still stong willed and stubborn. I quit nursing that same day as to not confuse him. It was terrible to hear him cry but have someone else give him bottles for a few days if possible if you decide to try this route. Best of luck.

Tara said...

Ramsey was 10 weeks old. I remember it clearly b/c it was so hard on me emotionally. But after about 2 days of that he wss good to go. We had the same issue switching to whole milk in the sippee cup at 12 months. Cold turkeyed that too and he went 4 days without drinking and then them picked up the sippee and gulped it down. I have a child that likes top push me right to the edge of sanity.

The Brown Family said...

HI! I caught "wind" of your crisis through Tara's blog and had the same problem with my daughter. I was able to nurse her until 9 months but still needed her to take a bottle of pumped milk occasionally and the ONLY one she would take were those latex platex nursers! NOT! The silicone nipples it had to be the latex But, it worked first try and I used those until she was about 5 months and then made an easy transition to the Avent. I hope this helps!