Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I decided to list 26 things I am thankful for (since Thanksgiving is on the 26th). Many people have been doing this daily on Facebook, but I wanted to do it my way (imagine that). Before I get to my list though, please say a prayer for Aubrey Bowden and family as she is undergoing surgery today to remove 4 tumors that have popped up. You may remember that Aubrey just recently beat a rare form of cancer, so this news was very heartbreaking. Aubrey is only 22 months old.

I am thankful for...(in no order)
1. Sorority sisters. You may not know every single one but they have your back whenever you need something.
2. My great job. I work with the best people ever and as much as I want to stay home with my girls, I don't mind going back to work in a week.
3. My education. I wouldn't be where I am today without it.
4. Patience. Mine is being tested so I have to remember this one and walk away when needed.
5. My faith. It may not always be perfect, but I believe in God and that he takes care of me every day, even if it doesn't feel like it.
6. My Mom. She has been with me through everything and I wouldn't know what to do without her.
7. Meredith. She is one great kid and a fabulous big sister.
8. Tinsley. She is a gift and has allowed us to grow closer as a family.
9. Bill. Words alone cannot express how much I love him.
10. My pets. They are my furry children, even Bill's crazy two that don't have much to do with me.
11. My house. I have one.
12. Lenora. She is the best friend any girl could ask for.
13. My friends. They can always be counted on, even those that are far away.
14. My family. Helped me grow in so many ways.
15. Bill's family. The best set of in-laws out there. And I get to be called Aunt Stacie because of them.
16. Maternity leave. It has enabled me to be able to bond with both of my girls (maybe too much with Tinsley as I don't know how the child is going to eat when I go back to work since she still won't take a bottle.
17. Afternoon naps. They allow me time to get things done.
18. Sleeping children. Both of my girls sleep through the night so I can too.
19. Facebook. It has allowed my to reconnect with so many people.
20. The Internet. I have gotten lots of valuable information from here, as well as being able to find a laugh when needed.
21. The mountains. I am always at peace there.
22. Our daycare. Wonderful folks that care so much for Meredith and can't wait to welcome Tinsley. When your child could care less that you are there then you know you have found a great place.
23. Word World. Let's me get dinner ready.
24. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Ditto (gotta have a little variety).
25. Good neighbors. They have helped us out in a pinch many times.
26. My health.

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