Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Working Girl

I am behind on blogging and I hope to get some pics from Thanksgiving posted soon. I went back to work on Monday. Things have been good on my end, not so much on Tinsley's until today. After almost two months of trying bottles everyday and being unsuccessful she has finally sucked down three 4oz bottles (as of 3:30pm and Bill was getting ready to feed her again). I am so lucky to have a wonderful, patient husband who has worked hard with her the past three days. We had been having so many issues with her that I must admit I was a little glad to leave on Monday just to be an adult. Like many people say, it was easier to leave the second child. Don't get me wrong, I love her and would rather be home any day of the week with my kid's than at work, but the last two weeks have been really trying. We did discover that she has reflux and now that she has medicine she is doing great.

So here's to making it through two weeks at work then trying to keep Tinsley on the bottle while on break.

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