Friday, March 19, 2010

Tinsley @ 6 months

I can't believe Tinsley is 6 mo. old, the time is flying by. Her check-up today went well. She weighs 14lb. 13.5oz, 25 in. long, and her head is 16.25 in. I am not sure where that stacks up in the percentiles because we had to bring sick big sister Meredith along with us, so things were a little rushed. We have decided to only feed Tinsley from a bottle now because she seems to be wanting more than I can produce. Luckily we have a good supply of frozen milk to help us make her bottles.
She loves to smile, as you can see from all her pictures. But she also likes to give you the "what the hell is wrong with you" look. Most often that look goes to Meredith.

The girls are interacting more and Tinsley is interested in Meredith more and more each day. Meredith tries to get her to laugh and smile, which is sweet. Tinsley can roll over both ways and will very happily roll her way across a room. She is trying to sit up and is doing better at that.

We have been feeding her solids and she is very interested in them and seems to like them, but she still hasn't quite figured out her tongue yet, so it is a messay affair.

We think she is teething too, but Bill and I aren't quite sure we can feel them yet. She is a little fussier than Meredith was when it comes to teething.

Unfortunately we had to take Meredith along to the doctor with us because she got sent home with a fever, but no other symptoms. It was 102.6 at school and at the doctor's office it was 102.2. She was diagnosed with an ear infection, which I was kind of thinking it might be because she has never complained about her ears hurting when she has had infections in the past. Poor little thing, her fever went to almost 104 before bed and she struggled early on in the night to sleep, but settle down. Hopefully she will recover fast.


Lindsey said...

Love, love the pictures of Miss Tinsley. She's getting so big. Hope Meredith is feeling better soon.

The Knights said...

LOVE the pictures! She is just precious! Where did you get them done?