Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Play set

At the beginning of the summer we started looking at play sets for the girls, but just didn't have the money or seen what we were looking for. Well after some gracious birthday gifts and just waiting for the perfect one, we got a fantastic deal on this one. Because we waited until the end of summer we caught a great sale that included delivery and set up, which was totally worth it. We would probably still be putting the darn thing together otherwise. As you can see, the girls love it and will be able to grow with it.
Tinsley wasn't big on the swing when she was an infant, but she loves this one.

I think we got at the perfect time, since it is not too hot to enjoy it.


Doc said...

I am SOOOOoooo glad you could do this, hurray! The girls looked thrilled. :)

Doc said...

Meredith and her two friends, swinging: LOL. Tinsley's grin is infectious!