Monday, October 11, 2010

Pumpkin Farm

On Saturday we met some friends at Washington Farms to go to the pumpkin patch and have fun with all their activities. Meredith is definitely growing. I think maybe she was just over the two mark last year.

She loved going through the pumpkin patch and picking out her pumpkins, it sort of surprised me. Then she wanted to help everyone else.

All the kiddos with their pumpkins. They are so cute!

I promise the girls like the hayride even though you can't really tell with the picture.

Meredith ran to the playground which shocked me yet again because she is usually really timid in new situations. She could have stayed here all day.

All the kids enjoyed petting the animals. Meredith didn't hesitate to pet the horse on her own. Tinsley got a little pat in too.
I think this was also a highlight for Meredith, the cow train.

Tinsley loved it too, she kept squealing with delight.
The third shock of the day came when Meredith said she wanted to bounce on the big pillow. Normally she would have never done this with so many people involved. It was fun and she laughed the whole time.
After the pillow we went to the vortex tunnel, which is dark and it spins around you while you walk on a platform. I didn't think Meredith would be into that but I took her through and as long as we help her she was fine. She went through it I think 5 times!

Talking to her piggies. She kept talking about how dirty the were. Overall it was a great day, even though it was very hot. Looking forward to another busy weekend coming up.

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Doc said...

Meredith is growing up -- and getting bold! ADORABLE pix. Two thumbs up, way up.