Friday, May 16, 2008

Babies Can't Wait- Part 1

Last night Bill and I met with a coordinator for Babies Can't Wait, which in a nut shell is a program for babies and children to get all kinds of therapy they might need. We have been concerned with the fact that Meredith still doesn't sit up by herself, the longest she has done has been about 10 seconds. I got mad at the doctor because he pretty much wasn't concerned with the fact that Meredith could not do this at her 9mo. check-up and didn't offer any advice.

Well God is looking after us, because the next day at daycare her teacher approached me and said that a physical therapist working with one of the other babies thought that therapy would greatly benefit Meredith. The daycare provided me with all the information and I called to get the process started.

Last night we basically signed paperwork, but the coordinator evaluated the 10mo. developmental questionnaire, you know the ones you fill out at the doctors office. Based on our answers, there were 3 areas of need, but she said that not all needed to be addressed at this time. We are set up for the physical therapist to come and test Meredith at the daycare on Wednesday and then hopefully in a couple weeks she will start on therapy.

I am very excited about this program and want to spread the word. I was told it is free, but it is based on income (adjusted gross income) and family size. At the most we are only going to have to pay $12 per session and of course Meredith is well worth it. If you want to information please let me know and I will keep you all posted as to the progress.

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