Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Babies Can't Wait- Part 2

Today I met the physical therapist and another therapist at the daycare to do an evaluation of Meredith's skills. Of course, Meredith decided to do things she has never done before while they were there (little show off), but they both were able to see her areas of need. I really liked Susan, the physical therapist, she really has a way with children. She has met Meredith before because she comes weekly to work with another child in Meredith's class. Poor little guy had his therapy earlier in the day and when he saw Susan again he turned his head away like oh no she's back.

Neither therapist had any doubts that Meredith would be accepted into the program, but it will all depend on when the paperwork comes in. Meredith is very stiff and only likes to move her legs together, not independently. Susan should me a few things that I could do with her in the mean time while we wait to get started. I learned today that Meredith should be crawling. As a new mom I don't really know the signs, but Meredith has been able to get up on all fours for a couple months now. Usually when babies do this they crawl within two weeks of starting that, so basically Meredith is stuck. Susan thinks this is because of her stiffness and I hope that with us doing this exercises and starting the therapy she will quickly progress.

I was so proud of Meredith today. She did great with all these new people messing with her. I thank the Lord for her everyday.

A note to mother's though, I think you should do little exercises with your babies everyday. We started out doing this but have been lax about it since I returned to work.

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