Thursday, January 8, 2009

Rough Week

So I am having a rough week. It started out with being stressed that I couldn't be at work when needed because I had to take my car to be fixed.

Monday morning was the first day back after two weeks off, and what do I have to kick the week off with?! A new classroom/teacher for Meredith and SOAR (new student orientation). Oh, wait, and Toyota couldn't see me on Saturday so I had to drop off my car to fix the god awful rattling that it was still making. If you know me, then you know I was stressing about needing to be in all these places at the right times. Luckily Meredith was fine in her new classroom that day, so that went smoothly. I got to Toyota on time, but realized on the way there that the rental car place for them doesn't open until 8am (not 7:30am like the shop) and was freaking because SOAR was at 8:30am. Again, luckily the girl was there early and I was able to arrive at work at 8:10. Not bad.

I was told the car should be ready at midday. At 3pm, I found out it would be the next day. Normally, no big deal, except I had to drive all the way back there so I could get my carseat so I could pick up Meredith. Keep in mind the shop is 15 minutes in the opposite direction from home.

I noticed that night the Meredith had a mark on her back, but I didn't think much of it because kids get marks all the time and sometimes Meredith doesn't cry when something happens to her, so the teachers may not have known.

On Tuesday she cried when I dropped her, which she has NEVER EVER done before, not even on the first day at daycare ever! I thought maybe she was just tired, and her little boyfriend Aiden came to comfort her (he has been "helping" her adjust to the new room). So I pick the car up after 2 full workdays for what was supposed to be a half day repair, go get Meredith, to discover she got bit. Upset, but you know it happens, until I realize that that was what the mark from Monday night was too! Why do the little ones always get picked on?! And then my tooth chipped for no apparent reason that night.

Ok, so yesterday morning I drop her off and she starts crying again! I just kept it together to get me out the door and into the car and I lost it. Tears were flowing and I left Bill an incoherent message about what happened and talked to my mom about it. It hurt my heart so much seeing her do that. All my thoughts were about moving her up the next room, what if there really is something wrong with her (Neurologist appointment on Monday, by the way), am I a terrible mother, yadda, yadda. I just wanted to stay home with her so bad.

And then to today, I have to work until 9:20 tonight because I will be teaching a class on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the next 8 weeks, so I only go to see Meredith this morning. And of course she cried again! I am just trying to stay upbeat for her.

The thing that comforts me is that I can watch her on the Internet and she looks like she is adjusting well. She sits at the table to eat, she is taking naps on the little mats on the floor, and I see her playing. Not bad for the little kid that doesn't walk in a room of 8 other walking kids.

I hope this too shall pass.

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Amanda L said...

It will my good friend.. it will.