Thursday, May 21, 2009

She Graduated

Meredith officially graduated from physical therapy yesterday. I think she has made amazing strides considering she started physical therapy a year ago and couldn't even sit up properly. Now, she runs around everywhere. We have a plan to ease her out of her braces by the end of the summer. Starting in June she will where them three days a week and one day on the weekend. In July she will move to two days a week and one on the weekend, to be completely out of them by August. YEAH!


Candice {The Beautiful Mess} said...

This is great! Congrats to Meredith!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I found your blog a few months ago during some Google searches when we found out my daughter Nadia is hypotonic and hypermobile. She's 10 months, not crawling yet but in PT. Your daughter is so adorable I keep checking back to see how she's doing and I'm glad to hear the news. Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration!