Friday, June 19, 2009

Birth date

I went to the doctor for my 27 week check-up yesterday and had to do my glucose test. Of course I did the test first, but unlike when I was pregnant with Meredith I did not get the results right away. No biggy, but then I received an email from another pregnant friend who goes to the same practice as I do and she just found out she has to do the 3-hour test, 4 weeks after her original test. There was no way I was waiting that long, so I called today and found out I passed, thank goodness!

Doc said everything looked good otherwise and when I asked him if we could schedule my c-section, he said no problem and he would have the nurse call. Tinsley will arrive on or before Sept. 10. Unfortunately we will not know the time until the day before, but the nurse seemed pretty certain that it would be morning since I was scheduling this early. Labor and delivery at the hospital actually schedules the times, not the doctor. So we will see. I probably won't tell many people when it is anyway because I don't want a zillion people there waiting like with Meredith, it stressed me out, especially the ones that were told not to show up until a certain time and didn't listen.

Anywho, I feel great and Tinsley is as active as ever. No swelling so far, except for after our drive home from Albany. I can still sleep pretty well too. Not to bad knowing I only have about 2.5 months left. Whoa that is crazy to think about. Man we have some work to get done soon!

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crystal e said...

Hey Stacie! How goes it?? OMG, Meredith is a giant! And as adorable as ever with those big blue eyes. I'm glad your test went well, and everything is running smoothly with the pregnancy! September 10th is actually my grandmother's birthday, so to me that means to be prepared for a sassy one :). Take care of yourself, and I will send a prayer your way for the upcoming new addition!! ~Crystal Evans