Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Independence Day

We have been slammed trying to get things done around the house before this baby comes. Really before Meredith's birthday in less than two weeks. We did get a lot done over our 4 day weekend, but there is still more and Bill and I are completely exhausted. First I want to thank all of our service men and women for protecting our country and fighting for our freedom! We celebrated our freedom on July3 at my Aunt Melanie and Uncle Joe's houseboat.

We enjoyed a great cookout followed by some fantastic fireworks. This was Meredith's first time on a boat and she did really well since she had to wear the life jacket and all.

I think this look says, do I really have to wear this thing, it really doesn't go with my outfit.

She was fighting to stay awake at this point, but once we got our piece of grass she was ready to go again.

Here she is ready for the show. I wasn't sure how she would do as she is sometimes iffy with loud noises, but she loved them! Just like her mommy!

This pic was during the show. She was watching intently and even held Marlow up a few times so that he could see them. The holiday was very enjoyable and I could spend every July 4th there.
As an interesting side note, the new boat next to my aunt and uncle is a beautiful restored wooden Chris Craft which was once owned by Humphrey Bogart. It was gorgeous! Also Celine Dion has a boat at the end of the dock. I am not sure if I was Celine Dion I would choose to have my boat on Lake Lanier, but whatever. I just wondered why she wasn't the one singing the National Anthem before the fireworks (I know she is French, but she has sung it before).

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The Knights said...

She is so beautiful and grown-up looking all of a sudden! And I just love her attitude in the pictures!