Thursday, July 23, 2009

Big Girl Room

Well the big girl room is pretty much complete, just missing some decorative touches. We think Meredith likes it. She has been sleeping well so far, not really different than when she was in the crib. She doesn't sleep with the pillow or under the sheet, but we can work on that later. Here are some pics.

This is her bed and her name plate above which I repainted from being in the nursery. As you can see, Norton had to be the first one to use the bed, just like everything else Meredith has.
I made the bow holder on the left side of the mirror, my circles aren't precise, but my Aunt Pam who is an artist told me how to fix it. She is also painting a cow piggy bank for me. I knew after this project that I couldn't free hand that.
Here are her initials that I bought on clearance from Kohl's. They came white and I painted them. I should have sanded them down a little first to make things easier, but they came out nice in my opinion. The desk was done by my mom and Meredith already knows that's where her crayons are even though she hasn't really used the desk yet.


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what a great job! I love the initials you painted.