Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Party Weekend

This past weekend was a whirlwind, but so much fun. My mom and her friend Bev arrived on Thursday night and their arrival brought Meredith a kitchen set that was a hand me down from my cousin and his wife. I wish I had the camera when Bill brought it in because Meredith's eyes lit up and the mouth went wide open. She loved it, and I have a pic below of her playing with it. Friday we prepared for Meredith's birthday party and a baby shower given by my friend Lenora. We also learned that our nephew Brandon and his girlfriend Christina welcomed their baby boy Ian Alexandre into the world, YAY!

Saturday began with a small shower for Tinsley. My best friend Lenora put it all together and it was really nice. Here is a pic of the two preggos. I wonder who will deliver first?

Her is the Birthday Girl waiting for her guests to arrive. We had a fish/under the sea themed party for her.

Here she is playing in the kitchen, I think she "cooks" something up in there everyday.
Mommy and Daddy gave Meredith a cottage, we need more things for her to do outside and just overall to keep her busy since she will be home with me while on maternity leave. I think she liked it.

The party table with a great tasting cake (gotta love Publix!). Meredith still wouldn't eat any, but that is ok.
My god parents gave her this rocking chair, which she really likes. The rocking chairs are the only good thing to come out of Cracker Barrel.
Opening presents with the help of Mommy and buddy Aidan. They were so cute together, when they saw each other they ran together and wanted to hug, but then they realized that everyone was watching and shied away. I know she misses seeing him everyday.
Who needs the actual present when the box is just as good?!
Meredith's Aunt Loretta and Uncle Mark gave Meredith these rain boots that match her back pack and an umbrella she has. They are a little big, but she will grow into them in no time.
Playing outside with Daddy and the rest of the kids just wore them both out. I thought this picture was so funny with the two of them taking a break.

Meredith had a great day with her friends and family. I can't believe she is two!

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Cecilia said...

She's such a cutie. Looks like she had a fun birthday!