Friday, July 24, 2009

Babies Can't Wait- The Final Chapter

On Wednesday our site coordinator for Babies Can't Wait came over to complete our exit interview, thus ending Meredith's time in the program. We have your basic two year old little girl now. She was amazed at how well Meredith's speech has come along and said to me that when she saw her at the daycare there were several kids she couldn't understand, but she knew what Meredith was talking about. It makes me feel so good!

I am really not sure where Meredith would be developmentally if we had not gotten her enrolled in this program or changed pediatricians. While we are fortunate enough that we would have been able to afford to take Meredith to a physical therapist and a speech, the time involved would really have taken a toll on us. Having them come to us was the greatest thing. For any parents out there who are concerned about their child's development you should contact them (for GA residents, but I bet other states have similar programs), especially if your pediatrician isn't helping. As parents we know, have a sixth sense, about our children and you should never ignore it. It amazes me that 14 months ago, Meredith could not sit up or talk. Now she will tell you exactly what she wants, run around and jump all day long.


Everything Esh said...

YAY Meredith! I am so proud of her and for y'all for being persistent. I cannot wait to see the "new and improved" Meredith. It has been too long!

Candice {The Beautiful Mess} said...

So great Stacie! So glad you stuck to your intuition!!