Monday, July 7, 2008

Our Trip to Arizona

As I stated in the one blog I was able to post, we arrived in AZ safe and sound. Meredith did great and adjusted just fine to the time change. Needless to say it was hot! But I will say that 90 here is worse than 114 there because of the humidity here.

On Sunday and Monday we pretty much just relaxed and played games. That is one thing I love about Mark and Rileen, they love to play games and teach us how as well. On Monday evening we went to have dinner with my Great Aunt Lois and Uncle Jack. She is my mom's dad's sister. Aunt Lois is the aunt that made me a stocking at birth and she made one for Meredith as well. I cannot tell you how much I love the stockings she makes. We had a wonderful meal and visit with them.

On Tuesday we went to Montezuma's Castle, Sedona, and Oak Creek Canyon. The first stop was Montezuma's Castle. It was only 110 there, but there isn't too much shade so we moved pretty quickly through it.

The Castle

Meredith enjoying the Castle

We ventured in to Sedona and made a stop at the church in the red rocks (The Chapel of the Holy Cross). This is always a favorite of mine because you can really feel God's hands here. After that we went into town and had lunch and walked around. There was a lot of road construction and it was sad to see how commercialized things are getting.


Chapel of the Holy Cross

Snoopy Rock in Sedona

After we finished in town we drove up the highway to Coconino Overlook in Oak Creek Canyon. I love this drive because you can really see the diversity of AZ. Driving up here looks like you are driving in the mountains of GA, it is amazing the difference in the landscape. By the time we got to the overlook the temperature had dropped to 68.

Oak Creek Canyon

On our last day in AZ we went to a friend's pool down the street. While we got Meredith in the water on Mother's Day, it was really cold and we only kept her in for a minute or two, so this was her first big experience in the pool and she loved it!
Ms. Hollywood ready to go to the pool.

Having fun with Daddy.

We hated to leave on Friday morning, but we have to get back to reality. Mark and Rileen were so much fun and so gracious as always. We hope to go out again as soon as we can and plan some more trips around the state.

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