Sunday, July 27, 2008

Swim Lessons

Meredith started swim lessons yesterday. Well you know, more like water acclimation, but who cares, she is learning. I searched online to find something relatively close. We live in the middle of nowhere so nothing is real close. Our YMCA doesn't do infants and I found a place called Aqua Tots. They are based out of AZ (we like AZ) and they just got started here. Currently they contract out the use of other facilities pools rather than have their own. They have strict standards so I felt very comfortable. Meredith's lessons are for 4 weeks and the price was $59, others wanted $85 or more.

The instructors name was Kimberly and she was great. There was only one other baby girl in the class and she is older than Meredith. Meredith did AWESOME. She was a little scared in the beginning, but she warmed right up to it. Of course she doesn't want to move her legs, which follows all her stiffness problems.

Swimming may be something we pursue further as she grows.

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